Articles about “Biolasol” solution in Dziennik Zachodni and web portal PAP- Science & Scholarship in Poland

Once again the media has discussed the first developed in Poland solution for organs perfusion and preservation “Biolasol”. The product is the result of many years of studies of scientists from ‘Biochefa’ company in cooperation with academic professors and polish transplantologists.

This articles were published on 3rd of December 2015 in Dziennik Zachodni and on 4th of December 2015 in web portal PAP- Science & Scholarship in Poland. From the articles we learn about high efficiency and quality of “Biolasol” solution, which is currently used by the team of prof. Cierpka’s transplantologists of the Silesian Medical University from the Department of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery at the Clinical Hospital on Francuska street in Katowice. Both prof. Cierpka and the author of “Biolasol”- prof. Ryszka emphasize the competitiveness of the solution in both polish and foreign markets, resulting mainly from the favorable product’s quality to price ratio.

Development of the new and at more favorable price solution was a response to the increasing number of transplants performed worldwide and steadily increasing demand for solutions for organs perfusion and preservation. Professor Cierpka and professor Ryszka justify the need of using polish invention, which is “Biolasol”, on the polish and foreign markets and emphasize its most important advantages of using.

The whole articles are available online at:,naukowcy-ze-slaska-stworzyli-plyn-biolasol-pomoze-przy-przeszczepach,1,id,t,sa.html,407575,polski-plyn-do-przechowywania-narzadow-do-przeszczepu.html

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