About us

Ryszka Florian ‘Biochefa’ Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant was established in 1991 by Florian Ryszka – professor in medicine. Since that time ‘Biochefa’ has been carrying out production of solid and liquid formulations. The company manufactures veterinary preparations, biocides, boar semen extender and innovative dietary supplements based on natural ingredients. In 2014, ‘Biochefa’ has expanded its activity to the production of medicinal product- ‘Biolasol’- solution for washing and storage of organs intended for transplantation (first solution for organs preservation developed in Poland).

‘Biochefa’ is a respected scientific- research center.

The mission of ‘Biochefa’ is providing customers with high quality products having a guaranteed efficiency of action. A continuous striving for perfection in our production is assured by well-trained staff and numerous investments in modern, well-equipped production facilities and technological, research and microbiological laboratories.

The company is working on the basis of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards, certification was granted in 2013 for medicinal products and dietary supplements manufacturing.

The company offers a wide range of mineral-vitamin supplements in form of tablets, tinctures containing natural ingredients, veterinary products and biocides manufactured under most up-to-date technologies and strict quality standards. ‘Biochefa’ is active on the Polish market and also exports products to the whole European Union, Russia, Finland and Canada.

Company’s main targets in terms of scientific research include: advanced studies on isolation, purification and activity of protein hormones, development of preservation and perfusion solutions used in transplantation and dietary supplement technology. Results of above-mentioned studies are in most patented and commercially implemented.

Cooperation with other research centers is a vital element of Company’s business:

  • Medical University of Silesia in Katowice;
  • National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice;
  • Wrocław University of Life Science;
  • Silesian University of Technology;
  • Wrocław University of Technology;

and renowned specialists in fields of veterinary medicine, medicine, chemistry and biology.

The Company is a member of:

  • Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology;
  • ‘Nutribiomed’ Cluster in Wrocław;
  • Polish Chamber for Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Devices ‘Polfarmed';
  • Silesian Center for Biotechnology;
  • participant of investments in Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park.